We have enough OpenID providers?

Aaron Topance on big league OpenID providers that don’t accept OpenIDs from other providers:

There seems to be a trend, as of recently, for large companies to become OpenID providers, but now allow logging into their service with your OpenID account. The trend I’m noticing, is everyone wants to be a provider, but no one wants to support OpenID logins. Well not “no one”, but not the major players. Consider the following major corporations or web sites that are OpenID providers:

  • America Online
  • Orange
  • LiveJournal and Vox
  • WordPress.com
  • Yahoo!
  • Blogger
  • Verisign
  • … and more

Supposedly, news has hit the front that Microsoft will be supporting OpenID as a provider, and rumors have it that your GMail account can be used as an OpenID identity. But what about logging into these providers with an existing identity? Here’s the question posed: Can I login to AOL, or create and AOL account, with an already existing OpenID identity? What about LiveJournal? WordPress? Yahoo!? Blogger? etc.


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