Fast support for the Finnish eID

Shortly after our launch of TrustBearer OpenID, a citizen of Finland tried to use his Finnish eID (FineID) with no success.  We send a request to Finland’s PRC and promptly received a small suite of sample cards.  In less than 2 days of device coding and debugging, the FineID was added to the suite of supported devices.Finnish eID

This has turned out to be yet another great example of how TrustBearer Live makes it easy to tack on additional support without dealing with new software downloads and the headaches that brings.

If you run into any troubles using your FineID on our OpenID Provider, please let us know by contacting

Update: We currently support FineID Version 2 in both the “eID” and “organizational” profiles.  We do not yet support Version 1 due to data model differences.


2 responses to “Fast support for the Finnish eID

  1. This is excellent. Now if I could convince my government to use OpenID on their sites.

  2. Ojala, part of our goal with enabling tokens such as the Finnish eID and U.S. Government CAC and PIV cards is to make it easier for OpenID Relying Parties, like government service websites, to use electronic identification cards.

    We think that adding TrustBearer OpenID support to an existing website is faster than PK-enabling that same website & distributing card middleware, CSP / P11 support for browsers.

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