Mobile phone, wallet and keys

These are three items that I carry with me, almost everywhere. Someday, this will be trimmed down to a single item. This morning, the TBLabs crew stumbled across an article that we are all very excited about.

Axel, we’d love to hear more about the phone, and how we could get one. Also, to your comments about no anti-phishing, please see our article on TrustBearer OpenID and Phishing. And on no-unlinkability, we’re working on some enhancements to the TrustBearer OpenID server, including linking & unlinking multiple tokens to an account.Exciting times. We’ll be out at the RSA Conference in April. Contact us if you’d like to meet-up.

Edit: The original post referenced details about this project that I did not have permission to publish. They have been removed. My apologies, Axel.

Mobile phone smart card

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