Autumn in Fort Wayne

Our Kayaking Route

Today, we decided to take our “TrustBearer OpenID” blog and make it our official company blog. All of the old content will remain, but thanks to an outstanding feature from the good folks at WordPress, we can now use a more official-looking URL, We will continue to write about issues related to OpenID, but now we’ll also post more about our company and products. It’s Friday, so I’m going to have fun with this post.

A few weeks ago, we all got out on the rivers of Fort Wayne for an afternoon of kayaking. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. As long as the sun was shining it was quite comfortable. Probably in the 60s. Three rivers run through downtown Fort Wayne. We put-in on the St. Mary’s River & turned up the St. Joe river midway through our trip. This trip was in mid-October so the leaves were well on their way changing colors. I can’t do it much justice in words, so here is a collection of photos from the trip.







One response to “Autumn in Fort Wayne

  1. Greetings River Lovers!

    I was glad to see someone else canoeing on Ft. Wayne’s Rivers! Did ya get any trash while you were out there? Beautiful when you are on the water eh? I saw your map…did you see the Spy Run Bridge area…so much garbage there too! We will try to get it next year, hope ya’ll can come!

    Abigail Frost
    Save Maumee Grassroots Org. Founder
    Master Naturalist
    Watershed Expert

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