Online web mail provider adds OpenID support

I hadn’t heard of this web mail provider until a recent blog post from their site where they discuss security options for OpenID. Thanks for the mention, LuxSci. 

Secure ID Card or USB Token: With one of these devices, you authenticate yourself by having the device in your possession and connecting it to your computer when you want to login.  This is very secure and can be combined with a password for two-factor authentication and strong hardware-based security

TrustBearer is the leading company providing OpenIDs that work with such hardware devices.  They also sell their own device.

Biometrics: Perhaps the most secure way of authenticating is the use of Biometrics.  The most common way to do this is to have a USB device which will read your fingerprint and verify it so that only you can login to your OpenID.

TrustBearer supports this.  The account is free. All you need is the fingerprint reader.

via Extreme WebMail Login Security with OpenID | LuxSci FYI.

A note on the biometrics device support: Currently, TrustBearer OpenID supports the Privaris plusID personal fingerprint reader and the Precise Biometrics 200MC & 250MC with a PIV smart card with Match-On-Card support. We’ve received a few emails about supporting the IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad fingerprint readers. We do not yet support these biometric readers.


5 responses to “Online web mail provider adds OpenID support

  1. Thank you form Luxsci.

    Another suggestion would be support for the fingerprint readers that come installed in many Sony VIAO laptops. I personally have one of these and would love to be able to use that … so I don’t have to deal with an external device.

    • Our main issue with supporting these built-in fingerprint readers (like the one in your Sony Vaio) is that there is no standard way to communicate with them. Typically, each reader has its own proprietary software stack / API, which makes it hard for 3rd-party applications (like TrustBearer OpenID) to support each individual reader. It would be very helpful if some of these fingerprint readers exposed themselves as smart card readers. We would definitely consider supporting such readers.

  2. Dear Alla,

    I did a Proof of Concept with Match on Card with Precise Biometrics, SmartCard from Athena and the biometrics reader is on my laptop.

    It answer the question for Erik

    Feel free to contact me:

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