Calling all device providers: Get your own OpenID & SAML Provider

Just over a year ago we launched the first* OpenID Provider that exclusively supported smart cards and other USB security devices. Last summer we added SAML login support for Google Apps & One of the groups of people that has been most interested in our OpenID provider has been device manufacturers: the companies that make and resell smart cards, biometric readers, and various other types of USB security devices.

TrustBearer OpenID gives these device providers a simple way to demonstrate the value of their devices to end users. It lets users login to useful online services with a very secure cryptographic hardware device. The one question that these customers might have is: Who is TrustBearer?

We are answering that question today by making it irrelevant! TrustBearer is now offering a service to create and host custom-branded OpenID & SAML Identity Provider to security device providers and resellers. This service includes,

  • A custom URL (such as
  • Custom graphics and theme for the site
  • Custom application settings & links for OpenID & SAML sites that are relevant to their customers

We are charging a one-time set-up fee and a monthly fee to create and host this service. Please contact us if you are interested.

Custom OpenID / SAML Identity Provider

* I believe we were the first to launch an OpenID Provider that exclusively supported smart cards. C’mon, it made Slashdot.


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