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RSA 2010

If you are going to be at the RSA Conference this year, we look forward to talking with you.

The RSA Security Expo
Monday March 1st – Thursday March 4th

VeriSign Booth #1717
(see map below)

San Francisco, CA
Moscone Center

This year, we’ve worked with VeriSign to integrate TrustBearer’s technology with VeriSign’s Managed PKI (MPKI) product, and we’ll be showing demos of this joint solution at the VeriSign booth.

We’ll also be showing our updated OpenID and SAML identity provider, which now allows users to register their computer with VeriSign MPKI. Similarly, users with PIV and CAC smart cards, and many other security devices, can use their credential for multi-factor authentication to web applications like Google Apps, Salesforce, and Basecamp.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us during the conference, send us an email:

To learn what we are up to during the conference, follow us on Twitter: @trustbearer.


Now supporting and Google Apps

Big upgrade this week: TrustBearer OpenID now supports SAML-based authentication with Google Apps and You can use you existing TrustBearer OpenID account, or create a new one. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-In to your TrustBearer OpenID dashboard.
  2. Click the Enable SAML checkbox and create a new association.
  3. After creating your association, click Details to download the SAML certificate that will be uploaded to Google Apps or
  4. Login to your or Google Apps account using an administrative account.
  5. Enable Single Sign On and upload the certificate that you downloaded from TrustBearer OpenID.
  6. Save changes and attempt to login to your Google Apps domain.
  7. Google Apps will recognize that SSO has been enabled and will redirect your login to
  8. Connect your device and click Proceed.
  9. After successfully verifying your PIN, TrustBearer OpenID will pass a signed assertion to Google Apps with the account username that was configured earlier.
  10. And you’re in!
We’ve also added the ability for administrators to grant access to other TrustBearer OpenID accounts to login to the same company or Google Apps domain.
Create a free account and give it a try. We’re excited about this new feature and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Demo using the Belgian eID

One of our developers came across an interesting post from a user who recorded a screencast of authenticating to TrustBearer OpenID using his Belgian eID. We added support for the Belgian eID to TrustBearer OpenID last week. It is great to see people taking advantage of this support already. Thank you, Xavier, for taking the time to create this video.

Demonstration of OpenID with a Hardware Token