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RSA 2010

If you are going to be at the RSA Conference this year, we look forward to talking with you.

The RSA Security Expo
Monday March 1st – Thursday March 4th

VeriSign Booth #1717
(see map below)

San Francisco, CA
Moscone Center

This year, we’ve worked with VeriSign to integrate TrustBearer’s technology with VeriSign’s Managed PKI (MPKI) product, and we’ll be showing demos of this joint solution at the VeriSign booth.

We’ll also be showing our updated OpenID and SAML identity provider, which now allows users to register their computer with VeriSign MPKI. Similarly, users with PIV and CAC smart cards, and many other security devices, can use their credential for multi-factor authentication to web applications like Google Apps, Salesforce, and Basecamp.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us during the conference, send us an email:

To learn what we are up to during the conference, follow us on Twitter: @trustbearer.


We have enough OpenID providers?

Aaron Topance on big league OpenID providers that don’t accept OpenIDs from other providers:

There seems to be a trend, as of recently, for large companies to become OpenID providers, but now allow logging into their service with your OpenID account. The trend I’m noticing, is everyone wants to be a provider, but no one wants to support OpenID logins. Well not “no one”, but not the major players. Consider the following major corporations or web sites that are OpenID providers:

  • America Online
  • Orange
  • LiveJournal and Vox
  • Yahoo!
  • Blogger
  • Verisign
  • … and more

Supposedly, news has hit the front that Microsoft will be supporting OpenID as a provider, and rumors have it that your GMail account can be used as an OpenID identity. But what about logging into these providers with an existing identity? Here’s the question posed: Can I login to AOL, or create and AOL account, with an already existing OpenID identity? What about LiveJournal? WordPress? Yahoo!? Blogger? etc.

Killer App for OpenID

There’s an interesting discussion on Mark Evan’s blog about the potential of a killer application for OpenID:

One of the biggest challenges facing OpenID is it’s a solution (universal identity management) looking for a problem to solve.

Sure, it’s a pain having to remember different usernames and passwords (unless you lazily use the same ones for everything) but most people don’t see it as a huge issue, which means OpenID has failed to gain much traction. And to be frank, that won’t change much even with major players such as Google, Yahoo and AOL starting to climb on the OpenID bandwagon recently.

One of the applications the Evan’s points to with some enthusiasm is PageOnce, which is a universal dashboard for the web.

Yahoo Offers OpenID a Compelling Business Case

Johannes Ernst’s discuses the business ramifications of Yahoo joining the OpenID space:

Instead of being a technical curiosity, web businesses can now assume that the majority of their visitors have an OpenID. Okay, Yahoo and AOL and Blogger and all of the existing implementations don’t add up to more than 50% of internet users, but you can bet that more telcos become OpenID providers for their broadband customers, as Orange showed, and that all major internet portals, Microsoft and Google included, will offer OpenIDs with each of their accounts shortly. (It’s easy for them to do, and they don’t want to lose even one of their subscribers for the reason that they didn’t add a small bit of code to their site, that, boy, might even benefit them strategically, and not just create competitive parity.) It’s a very safe assumption for web businesses that by the time they can do anything about OpenID, regardless how fast they move, more than 50% of their visitors will have an OpenID, and Yahoo!’s move yesterday made that a virtual certainty.